I don’t have the stats but I wonder what proportion of violent crimes and murders are as a result of someone taking revenge?

Do some people possess a gene that compels them to act so strongly whilst others are prepared to forget?

I researched the effect of revenge for my latest crime novel, Blazing Obsession. More details on

Any views?

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Author Comparison

Since the launch of Blazing Obsession I’ve been taken aback by the positive reviews. Two in particular have excited me.

One said my writing reminded them of Peter Robinson and another of Simon Kernick. Praise indeed!

Peter Robinson launched his latest Inspector Banks novel, Abattoir Blues, during this summer, the 22nd of the series! A new series of DCI Banks in on TV begins in February 2015.

Simon Kernick is an example to us all would-be authors. His first novels were rejected by agents and publishers in the late 90’s. But in 2002, his breakthrough novel, Relentless, his fifth book, was accepted and sold over 300000 copies!

These icons of crime writing have motivated me to write a follow up to Blazing Obsession. The prologue has already been written!

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Revenge for Ferguson St Louis Shooting

The shooting of the black 18-year-old by a white police officer, which ignited riots in the St Louis suburb in August, continues to make the news.

Although the policeman was acquitted last week, feelings are still running high.

The black population seem intent on revenge. They demonstrated such a powerful presence that they promised more mayhem if the officer was reinstated. So much so, that he’s been forced to resign in the face of threatening more violent retribution against the force.

My research for Blazing Obsession highlighted the exceptional actions people take in order to exact revenge. It’s become an epidemic. It’s one on one – a guy gets beaten up because he looks at someone the wrong way.

It’s local – someone plants 20 feet high conifers blocking out the sun to next door’s garden because his neighbour once parked his car across his garage.

It’s worldwide – usually another dispute over territory. Too many examples to quote.

It affects all religions – look what’s happening on the News every night. Syria, Israel, Iraq, Iran and many African countries, to name a few. But it’s the sheer intensity and physicality that’s grown exponentially. It’s not just an eye for an eye these days. It seems it’s an eye for an eye and several limbs.

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P D James

p-d-jamesAs the world of literature mourns the passing of the great P D James, I reflected on meeting her in September 2012 where she mesmerised members of the Hampshire Writers’ Society with a master-class about her craft.

She’d just launched Death Comes To Pemberley, a murder novel based on using the characters from Jayne Austen’s Pride And Prejudice, which she loved so much, she told me she read it every year.
As I lined up to have my copy signed I asked her what she was working on next.

She looked up at me, unsmiling, and said in a small voice, “I’m 92 now. I don’t want to start another book. I don’t think I’ll be around to finish it.”

Such a heart-rending comment from one of the all-time great writers.

It’s remained with me ever since, reminding me that time is infinite.

Must keep writing.

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